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The Nameless Platter

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The story of this platter has been supplied by Dorothy, a member of the Ipswich Woodcrafts Club.

For many years, the club has had in their show case, a rather sad looking platter on a stand that someone had turned at one time.  It had a pretty tile in the middle which was now cracked.   The great mystery of this platter is that no-one can remember who crafted it or when.

Many times the platter would be taken out to display at a woodworking or craft show, it was then put back into the show case, we could not sell it due to its blemished condition.   In January 2011 Ipswich suffered devastating floods and our club was submerged in stinky, mucky water and this poor platter ended up being coated in the mud, it was almost unrecognisable.

After our club member Lloyd had attended Turnfest for the first time he was so excited with what he had learnt, he was asked if he could do something with this poor platter.

Putting his talents to work, he soon returned with the platter which had been beautifully restored and the tile taken out and sanded down, it also had a new base.  You can see that we were all very impressed with what he had achieved.

At the Working With Wood Show in 2012, it was of great delight to Lloyd to see someone purchase the platter and they were also told the story of the journey that this platter had taken.

So the motto of the story is don’t throw things away, find a way of making something beautiful once again.