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Jim was a founding member of The Ipswich Woodcrafts Club, a past President, current Vice President and Organiser of Q-Turn.

What is your woodcraft discipline/s?

Woodturning / furniture making.

How long have you been working with wood?

Over 30 years

What is your favourite wood?

I like close grained woods that are not exceptionally hard.

What is your favourite wood to work with?

No favourites but currently playing with a bit of walnut and enjoying it.

What other woodworking discipline would you like to explore?

Different turning disciplines, I am currently trying to master thread cutting with hand chasers.

At some stage all experienced woodcrafters will accidentally hurt themselves. What was your worst injury and what did you learn from it?

Just a bit of skin off, but it helps to not put your fingers on a moving sanding belt.

Do you have a favourite artist? Who is it and why?

Turning wise Cindy Drozda she does very fine work without being too technical also John Berkeley who does a lot of thread work.

Tell us your best tip or trick.

Use a correctly shaped and sharpened tool to do the job.

What is the one tool or piece of equipment you can’t live without?

My bench grinder it has the CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride) wheels on it and makes sharpening easier although they take a little bit of practice to use to the best advantage.

What was the last tool or piece of equipment you bought?

I have just upgraded my lathe to electronic variable speed I’ve only been using it for a couple of days and love it. Wish I could of done it long ago.

If money was no object, what tool/equipment would you buy?

The next machine on the agenda will be a thicknesser although I will have to win the lotto first.  Apparently you have to buy a ticket first.

What is your vision for the future of the club?

I would like to see more people take on more active roles in the club.  Things like demonstrating at events, promoting the club, and taking on teaching/mentoring roles.