This document has been provided to detail the levels of behaviour and activities expected of all club members to ensure that the Ipswich Woodcrafts Club (“the Club”) provides an enjoyable experience and a safe working environment for all members, prospective members and visitors.
⦁ Club personal values

1.1. Respect – we recognise and accept that all club members are entitled to their opinions and we show respect even when there are differences of opinion.

1.2. Integrity – we are open, honest and trustworthy in dealing with fellow members, visitors, and the broader community.

⦁ Members Rights and responsibilities

2.1. Every person in the Club has a right:

  • to be treated fairly and with respect;
  • to feel safe and happy in the Club environment;
  • to be able to speak their mind and have their ideas and suggestions heard;
  • to have the opportunity to learn or to teach others;
  • to have their achievements recognised, and
  • to be a member of a club which enjoys a good reputation.

2.2. Every person in the Club has a responsibility:

  • to treat other members fairly and with respect;
  • to conduct themselves in a way that allows others to feel safe and happy in the Club;
  • to listen to the ideas and suggestions of other members;
  • to show respect to all people at the Club regardless of personal differences;
  • to recognise and acknowledge the success of others;
  • to conduct themselves in a manner which enhances the good reputation of the Club, and;
  • not to express views that are likely to offend or insult other people present.
    . to ensure membership fees are paid at the renewal time. If fees are not paid within 2 months of the due date then the member will be deemed un-financial and removed from the current member records.
  1. Members code of conduct

3.1. The Club aims provide a safe, supportive and friendly environment for members to gather, work, teach, learn and seek fellowship with other like-minded members.

3.2. As a member you are expected to:

  • be courteous to other people at the Club.
  • always maintain a friendly atmosphere and ensure new or prospective members and visitors are appropriately treated to feel welcomed and assisted where necessary.
  • respect each person and their right to voice their own opinion, even if you disagree.

3.3. Aggressive behaviour is not tolerated under any circumstances. This means physical and verbal aggression, bad language and comments that could be construed as verging on misogyny or sexual harassment.
Alcohol and drugs
3.4. You must not bring alcohol or illicit drugs to the Club or the surrounding grounds nor should you consume alcohol on the premises unless at a social function and approved by the Management Committee.

3.5. Any person arriving at the Club obviously affected by alcohol or illicit drugs will be asked to leave immediately. The Club reserves the right to suspend or cancel membership of a member if such ongoing or persistent behaviour continues.

3.6. You are not allowed to smoke on the premises or the surrounding grounds.

Signing in and day fees
3.7. You must sign-in on arrival at the Premises, whether you are attending all day or just dropping in.

3.8. Pay the nominated day fee if you are using the Club facilities.

3.9. Leave the kitchen and all utensils, clean – we do not have a cleaner!

3.10. If the kitchen area looks unclean, please clean it.

Departure from the Premises
3.11. The kitchen and workshop must be clean and tidy before leaving the Premises.

3.12. Everyone who has been using the Premises is responsible for cleaning up at the end of the day.

3.13. The last person out will run through the end-of-day checklist and secure the building.

3.14. The Management Committee is in place to control and manage the affairs of the Club within the rules contained in the Constitution. Members must be careful not to usurp the role of the committee by making direct decisions that should rightfully be made by the committee.

3.15. You must not commit the Club to any project or expenditure without the specific approval of the Management Committee or an appropriate standing approval.

3.16. If you have an issue, report it to, and discuss it with a member of the Management Committee rather than simply discuss it with the members generally.

3.17. Based on the nature and severity of a complaint or activity, the Committee has authority to make judgement on the need to suspend or cancel the membership of a member who is in breach of the Code of Conduct or the Rules, Regulations and By Laws.

Not for profit
3.18. The Club is a not-for-profit organisation and it is not generally intended or expected that members make commercial gain from their membership.

3.19. If you need to promote something on your own behalf, you must not use the Club’s name or incorrectly imply that the Club may benefit in some way.

3.20. Club resources are for all members, not for particular individuals.

  1. Workshop code of conduct

We work safely in a manner that protects and promotes the safety, health and wellbeing of fellow members, visitors, and the broader community. To achieve this, the “Rules, Regulations and By Laws” document attached here fully details the requirements.

  1. Management Committee Code of Conduct

5.1. Management Committee office holders and members have a duty of care to do the following:

  • Comply with the members Code of Conduct and the Rules, Regulations and By Laws.
  • Act fairly and ethically in managing the affairs of the Club.
    . Manage member complaints or grievances in a timely, balanced and professional manner, maintaining appropriate confidentiality of the parties involved.
  • Attend as many committee meetings as possible.
  • Communicate openly with members and raise any problems, grievances or concerns at
    committee meetings.
  • Respect the views of other committee members – challenge respectfully and criticise
  • Maintain strict confidentiality on any personal, private or commercial-in-confidence
    information that may come before the committee including, without limitation, all aspects of the Club Privacy Policy.
  • Disclose any potential conflict of interest in relation issues or decisions before the
  • Advise the president or secretary of any change in circumstances that may impact on
    your ability to serve on the committee.